In this morning, Google announced that Google Product Search is now integrated with mobile search results on the iPhone and Android. It’s easier to surf, find price comparisons and customers reviews too. As well, with Google products search maybe it has ability to search Google Voice.

The product manager of Google Mobile team, Yurv Pinsky says, “when you type a product query on in your iPhone or Android browser, you’ll get Google Product Search results nicely formatted for your phone. You can see online ratings, reviews, prices, and product details if you’re out and about, or just do some mobile web surfing from your couch. Whether you’re trying to decide between two digital cameras while you’re in a store or checking out prices for a new product that you’ve just seen on TV, we hope Google Product Search for mobile helps you to make better-informed shopping choices.”

Around two years ago it was called in Froogle and the new name Google Product Search which doesn’t impact in market but hopefully they will bring something smarter shopping systems in smartphones.