With the growth of mobile, the market for applications has grown more than any other. While hardware has reached a point of exhaustion, you feel software could still take the whole experience a notch or two above. This is why software is going to be a critical differentiator in the upcoming days and the only way to make the difference would be by having the best developers on board.


Keeping this in mind, Mobogenie, has rolled out a platform for the developers that would allow them not only a platform to showcase their application, on the Mobogenie App Store, but also give the developers a greater share in the ratio of 80-20, as compared to 70-30 that happens with Google Play. Given that Mobogenie has been installed on over 440 million devices, it gives developers a massive stage for them to showcase their app and also monetize it better. Mobogenie had started out as a Desktop Sync service allowing easy backup for Android smartphones and since has expanded into verticals a plenty.

The process of getting the application up on Mobogenie store is extremely simple as you have to log into the dashboard here and upload your application. You must integrate the SDK of Mobogenie so that you can then go on and host the application on the Mobogenie store as well as enjoy the monetisation options, out of several that are available. You have a proper dashboard on board as well where you can calculate the statistics such as the number of downloads for your application as well as the monetization aspect.


You can also use the platform to market your app as well as enhance the traffic on the mobile site that you may own. This is particularly useful as usually developers find marketing and outreach to be two of the biggest problems, given usually the short size of the team and limited resources unless you are under the umbrella of one of the big shot app dev banners.

There is a separate login for publishers and advertisers as well so that they can pick and choose the apps and demographics they wish to target in order to push their products or services. All of this is done under one hood and in a very neat fashion. All of this is extremely easy to do, with a UX that is fast and responsive. The Mobogenie Union is live already and is perhaps the most unique and interesting platform for the developers to bring their application to.

You can visit the Mobogenie Union here