Beyond doubt Mozilla’s add-on collection is the biggest feature of the browser and with time passing by developers have created a great number of them to users. However, users always had the difficulty in managing the bunch of them at a time and so it created collections. And now this feature is getting updated that will make easier for users to create and manage collections including existing add-ons. Other major advancement were implemented based on how many used the feature so as to keep track of favorite ones.

Announcement in the Mozilla blog reads

It’s been just over a year since we introduced Add-on Collections, a way for anyone to create and share groups of add-ons for Firefox. Today we’re very excited to launch a major update to our add-ons gallery that makes it even easier to spot, save, and share your favorite add-ons.

With more than 64,000 collections created in the last 14 months, it can be difficult to find a unique URL for a new collection that isn’t already in use. We’ve changed the URL structure so that all of your collections are under your username and can be called anything you want,” Mozilla explained.

Users that have created add-on collections just to save them can now add any add-on directly to a purpose-built, private My Favorite Add-ons collection. Collections now are easier to follow, share and edit. The new buttons will show up wherever collections are listed. Mozilla says the directory navigation has also been improved.