A Human becomes an extremist when altruism becomes a liability.
The reason behind any formidable output can be turned, twisted or conceptualized by a human mind. But the fear remains constant, unchanged and infrangible for ages, maybe that’s a notion behind these atrociousness delivered. To fill a fear in the minds of innocents: echoing “savagery goes unabated” metaphorically.
About Jehad and LeT Jehadis
LeT’s Jehadis surmount such unexplainable madness derived from Bin Laden’s hate Ideology. Lashkar-e-toiba- inspired, influenced and backed up by Al-qaida -distinguish themselves as Islamic radicals. Ideologically networked Let jehadis specialize in suicide attacks and when cornered, fight to death. It’s a part of a new network of terror, autonomously governed and supported by numerous insurgent organizations, that makes it not elusive but impossible to track down.


Ever heard of Jehad-e-Akbar? It means a fight against one’s own self and within the society in order to fight evil, injustice, inequity, illiteracy and ignorance. These words have been tumbled down and presented in such a lop-sided manner of Islam. Jehad against a community or a country can only be declared when the religion’s sanctity is spited; if Muslims are not allowed to go to Mosques, follow their rights, or made to attend madrasas: such can be a situation. There in nothing of that kind in India and the term is used to defame and discredit Islam. Terrorists after losing their moral compass cite Palestine, Chechenya, Iraq and Afghanistan to justify killing of anyone. If oppugn their views, it can be an invitation to elimination. Sura Al-Baqr (verse: 114) in Quran states that Allah hates those who indulge in arson, loot and killings. Sura Al-Kafirun (Chapter: 30) mentions: Lakum dinokum Waley Yadeen (you follow your religion; let them follow theirs). Islam’s very meaning is Submission. In teachings of the Prophet, the whole humanity is known as Rematullil Aalamin (mercy to the whole mankind). The Jehadis pick verses from the Quran, which are contextual and by twisting and bending them, they feel ‘righteous’ to act ‘righteously’. To follow the praxis of confiscating any Muslim into laws has been aboriginal for Indian Police since ages. Muslim voices of sanity aren’t loudly heard either. Exactly in these lines of jehadis, is the mentality of the US that didn’t go seeking Israel for occupying Palestine land, but it did attack Iraq for aggression on Kuwait.

Factual Report On Mumbai Attack

Source:CNN IBN

Totally apart from the scene of jehad social networking and micro blogging is emerge together as a source of truthful facts where the people from all over the world discussed about the conceptuality of Jehad and raise a hardcore voice against it.In my personal opinion social micro-blogging tools like Twitter is main source of news to let me update in this recent Mumbai Attack moreover their is a great source of information in the post “Real Time Citizen Journalism in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks” by Gaurav(gauravonomics).

Conclusion: Is Jehad the next name of Terrorism or it is only Terrorism and not jehad