Twitter is one of the viral mediums, where news spreads all over the internet at super speed. However, there are certain specifications over which topics will be accepted well on Twitter. After thorough research, an application has been developed by Devarat Shah, the associate professor. The application utilizes a systematic algorithm, which predicts the outcomes of trends by comparing between historical data records and real time data sets. This is an application, in which Twitter is certainly interested; the research has been assisted by Stanislav Nikolov, the former is an employee of Twitter. Shah with the help of Nikolov seems to have developed a winning application.

The interest might involve the selling of premium averts to commercial companies; referring to it the topic is going to flourish and trend hot over the Twitter media. However, to do this, the application has to be verified and tested over full data set. Advertisers might not be comfortable in buying ads, which would not trend well, so here lies the interest of this application. However, more than its commercial interest, it might receive the love of Twitter users, who would certainly find it fascinating to use this application, which will enable them to discuss on the to-be-hot topics on their profiles, which will in turn gain more tweets and views in individual profiles.


The researcher Mr. Shah has suggested that the use of this application might help stock markets, stock trades, etc as well. It might also be helpful in combating cyber crime and other threats through identification of threats prior its propagation.