There has been yet more talk from Nokia of late attempting to reassure everyone that the Symbian operating system is by no means dead. Nokia revealed last month that they will soon be making Windows 7 Phone their main OS but gave no other details at first about when this would be happening.

This led many to question Symbian’s future as Nokia move towards their partnership with Microsoft. Spokesmen from the Finnish mobile giant have been quick to quash rumours that Symbian is on its last legs, telling customers that the next update of Symbian 3 would be out as scheduled and that they would continue to develop Symbian smartphones for the foreseeable future. Now they have also spoken up, lauding their flagship smartphone the N8, saying that they have plenty in store for Symbian’s best current handset.

John Nichols, who is in charge of marketing Nokia in the UK and Ireland has revealed that they still have big plans for the N8. Nichols said ‘This is one of our biggest marketing campaigns in the UK for three or four years. The key emphasis of the campaign is on the N8 being the best camera smartphone on the planet. The campaign is all about bringing it to life in a new and exciting way.’

Nichols also outlined plans to bring Symbian in line with the more popular Apple and Android operating systems by focusing on applications for the platform, saying; ‘We are at the beginning of something new here,’ says Nichols. ‘This campaign is the start of pushing more services besides the camera, such as maps and apps. We need to make all of this easier. For example, you can get mapping on just about any phone and navigation too, if you want to pay for it. But on our Symbian ^3 phones you get free maps and navigation and you can download it without using a computer.’

Whatever happens next year when Microsoft comes to the table, it seems that the Nokia N8 and the Symbian platform have life in them yet, find out more information about them at