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Since few days i was looking for tools to perform some file operation on my desktop like drag & drop that can organize my shortcuts and icons.While researching on the internet i found an application named ObjectDock .Do you know it can act as both as a task manager and a program launcher.The best this about it is its eye candy UI and level of easiness in while handling it.It can perform large no of task in front of eyes and i can use it to customize the look of each item on the dock.


In a simple words it can be defined as a program that enables users like us to organize their shortcuts icons , graphics their applications ,programs and running tasks into an attractive and fun animated Dock.It have a virtue by which i can  allow users to have more control over organizing their desktop like Pablo Picasso (i may metaphor here ).ObjectDock_1

Some of the best features of ObjectDock as disclosed by their use are:

  • Simple to use for any layman.
  • Amazing user interface.
  • Running programs show up on dock, can minimize to it
  • Super-smooth minimize animations in Vista
  • Many languages supported, unicode compliant
  • It have a comfortable shortcut organizer
  • Convenient auto hide and “keep in background” modes
  • The most popular program of its kind – 3.5 million users to date
  • Fully customizable – tons of backgrounds and images freely available
  • Consistent updates – will continue to be updated and improved for years and years to come
  • We listen to customer feedback – new features and abilities added to each revision
  • Cozy drag & drop operation
  • It uses very low system resource usage
  • Option of smooth animations
  • Designed to run smoothly even on older computers
  • Awesome weather flyout to show your forecast
  • Docklet extensions standards.
  • Helpful support team and message boards

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