Well, in the world of social networks where Facebook and Twitter are high on demand, Orkut is less known around the world. But it is still trendy in Brazil and India where people scrap and share lot of things. Google’s Orkut is now getting a major revamp, where you will be allowed to create groups for your friends, family and colleagues.

Victor Ribeiro, Orkut product management director wrote

Starting today, we will change the core function of orkut so we can share and interact with different groups of friends on the Internet just like we do in real life.

We all maintain different groups of friends (or ‘social circles’), and the Internet was not able to reflect that. Until now, social networks treated people from different groups like they were all the same: they were all ‘friends’,” he added.

The idea of separating friends in groups came up in a research paper done by Google which was circulated in the company. Google believe that there should be a need to create group of friends just like we have in real life. One would certainly not want to share same things with family, friends, boss or best buddies.

Now, with Orkut, you could pack your friends into groups letting you to organize your social interactions on the site in a easier way. The way Google implemented the groups feature is rather flexible. One can make groups and assign their friends to any of them. These groups are only visible to the users that created them and they could further easily modify the groups and the settings, in addition to add and remove people from them. So, go ahead try out this interesting feature!