Panda Security,introducing security applications for windows users. It’s giving free cloud anti virus to the users and anyone can use their client for personal use and still it’s beta version but more development coming soon. Panda has lots of services, such as Anti virus pro, Internet Security, Global Protection packages, save your USB flash drive from virus and mal-ware and it will maximize your protection with minimum consumption. Save your money and spend less money for security and use somewhere to produce more productive something.

“The program uses Panda’s proprietary cloud computing technology, which they call Collective Intelligence, to detect viruses, malware, rootkits, and heuristics. It takes advantage of “millions of users,” according to Panda, to identify new malware almost in real time. Panda says that Collective Intelligence can classify new malware in under six minutes, and that it handles more than 50,000 new samples per day. The Cloud Antivirus works by classifying threats into executables that must be scanned immediately, and non-executables that are checked at a lower priority–usually when the computer is idle” – says seth.

This applications will take 50 MB on your hard disk and when you’re using it will take 17 MB and Bustamante said that they’re aiming for 12 MB of RAM when in use.Currently, Panda Cloud anti virus is working in windows xp and windows vista and soon they will release for windows. 7. Until then enjoy the free cloud anti virus.