About 90% of the new laptops and notebooks comes with pre-install OS that generally have only single partition.We often loose our precious data when ever the single windows partition is messed up.We normally thinks that managing partitions is very geeky and risk prone work.Due to the fear of loosening data we never touch the partition tables.Now the question is how to manage the partition tables without any fears?

Partition-Master EASEUS Partition Master is freeware that may change your mind.Its a very simple disk partition management tool with which we can easily manage,create, format and delete partitions in the hard drive.Now, we don’t need to stick with Windows Vista and can also manage the partition(like ext2,ext3 ) for the Linux installs.

What is the benefits of using EASEUS Partition Master?

EASEUS Partition Master manage very large no of file types and it also support up to 800GB of hard drives.The best feature is that you can move and resize partitions without any fear of loosing data from your hard drives.It can copy your hard drives bits by bits like a piece of cake.Partition copying, physical geometry indicator,a boot disk creator,drive letter swapping, and password protection of drives are few of its candy features.partition-master

EASEUS itself claim that

With EASEUS Partition Master you won’t be afraid of creating, deleting, formatting, moving and resizing partitions in your hard drive anymore

On Cnet.com i found the following reviews

Bit-for-bit disk copy w/ easy repartitioning on the fly as you’re building the new disk. Easy to install, easy to use, good online help for the one question I had.

I had to get rid of one of those software restore partitions and resize the partitions. It really worked perfectly and I didn’t lose any of my software.

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Conclusion:If you need a risk free ,simple partition software as an alternative of software’s like partition magic then go for partition magic.Moreover if you any problems in installing or performing partitions in hard drives then feel free to comments her