Pinterest is proved to be massive referral traffic generator and few users are exploring various vulnerable ways to exploit the traffic with scams. The latest addition in the bucket is the mass auto poison pin which will exploit users boards while checking the pins. Checkout how it can exploit your accounts & learn how to avoid this on Pinterest.

A facebook post like below always looks fishy to be, so i have started the stalking process.

Now above user have ten’s of pin’s just for same things proved this to be a scam which of-course got published without user knowledge.

Above user poisoned with another victim of this scam

Now this scam is spreading like wildfire on Pinterest & i have noticed various users getting poisoned with this!

Last but not least, Be aware before clicking on the suspicious image on Pinterest having following messages:

1. “Pin this” to win god dam million doller’s in an hour (Use your commonsense before clicking on links having similar communications).
2. Learn how to earn from Pinterest.
3. Omg this is so cool! Excited to do more!
4. Want to make an extra salary simply by filliong out surveys for major companies.