In last month, ThePirateBay — the largest torrent based websites which enabled a great functionality which will help to connect with millions of facebook users but two weeks later, – the world’s largest social networking site just blocked all piratebay’s torrents links from facebook. When you’re trying to share any links of piratebay’s you will get a warning which says, “warning: this message contains blocked content” – frustrating sounds for piratebay.

According to Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt, “Given the controversy surrounding The Pirate Bay and the pending lawsuit against them, we’ve reached out to The Pirate Bay and asked them to remove the ‘Share on Facebook’ links from their site. The Pirate Bay has not responded and so we have blocked their torrents from being shared on Facebook.”

After having blocked still accepted and lots of discussions going on torrentfreak. The Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde told TorrentFreak that this is plain censorship and said he will try to come up with a workaround so people can continue to share. “I’ll fix it later today so it will have a link to a redirect site or something,” he said. But, how is it possible for them? It’s still not clear and should be visible in future.