I don’t think that anyone hates to listen music in spare time and already there are lots of websites that offers you to play your favorite song at any time. In addition to this, there are several radio stations playing your favorite numbers. Recently, I came across Jango a music discovery service similar to Last.fm and Pandora. Jango allows you to create a new station based on number of artists, that will play music and it offers you to find new music according to artists that you input in that station.

To get started with Jango you need to sign up and have to create a new station. You can also rename your station whenever you wish to do. The best thing I like about Jango is that it allows you to create more than one station. If you find any new artist that you really like, then you can also edit your station preferences and add him/her/them into it.

Jango music player is most interacting in it because it comes with three emoticons:

  • Clicking on sad face means you does not like that song and it will never play on your station again.
  • Clicking on middle smiley face means you like the song and it might come up again every so often.
  • Clicking on big smiley face means that you love the song.

In addition to all these features, there are some additional buttons like skip, Lyrics and Buy button. If you own Android or iPhone, then there are apps that allows you to listen your favorite song at any time. I think it’s a great specific tool for discovering new music don’t you? If yes, then check out Jango and I’m sure that you like it.

Link for Jango