Profile Spy Infection is the new addon in the list of Twitter hijacking apps after auto tweet infection. I noticed this after an infected tweet from @espncricinfo (original/infected tweet is deleted but you can have a look over the captured screenshot).

I was curious to know about Profile Spy so i used one fake account of twitter and try to use this app for measuring the results of the infection. {Yes, i have created one fake account for testing 🙂 }

Infected tweet from espncricinfo

Catch: Only 53 people visited the @espncricinfo profile having 87,560 followers? Move into the next screenshot of fake account.

Infected tweet from a dummy account @jessy_spurs

Catch: 32 people visited the profile having 14 followers?


So 53 people visited @espncricinfo having 87,560 followers and 32 people visited @jessy_spurs having 14+ followers, its completely a Spam! Move on Guys!

Don’t allow this app with your twitter credentials

In our last post we warn you about Facebook chat infection and Facebook video infection but its seems that Twitter is gaining the lead.