How to make solar panel, how to make windmill, how to fix bugs, how to design wordpress — whatever comes from your mind, where you will get instant answers or where you should throw that questions? Where you will get millions of users and get options by getting lots of solutions of your problems. You can do it via IKnowTweet. IKnowTweet which is based on and you can make question through IknowTweet and get answers through IKnowTweet. Iknowtweet focus mainly on answers and questions.

Iknowtweet says, “Our system works via Twitter so it’s quick and easy to find out pretty much anything! Feeling in a mood to help out some people? Want to test your knowledge? We’re also great for that! Just click on the answer question link”. I checked and found anytime by clicking “answer this question” you can reply to others and help to others. You can make a questions by clicking “Post A Question” button and input your username, password and your question to anyone or be specific and have to end your question within 140 characters — otherwise try TweetThisText — which will short your long question perfectly.