After the successful ending of the wordcamp india we get the chance to interact with many online folks on an offline platform .In case you missed the chance of wordcamp india then BarcampDelhi6 is your another desirable state to step into social world.

BarcampDelhi6 will be full of interaction and interesting sessions.Some of the proposed session are as follows:

  • Mobility – iPhone , Android and beyond –  Sunil Goyal
  • Content Strategy and Social Media –  Yu Yu Din, Editor
  • Indian LBS Insights – Loop holes, Opportunities –  Piyush Gupta
  • Recession, jobs and start ups –  Brijesh Singh
  • Knowledge Management –  C.K.Arora
  • Youth Marketing and Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Down Turn. –   Ravi Dabbiroo
  • Extent of Cyber crimes in our Social Lives & Solutions – Rakshit Tandon
  • E-enabling Youth through Innovative approaches of Knowledge and Learning platforms –    Dolly Bhasin
  • Virtualization and Green IT- Where IT Infrastructure is heading –   Sanjay Kharb
  • Marketing in Social Media Fragmentation Era –   Nandini Maheshwari
  • The FLOP Business-What, where and how? –  Narendra K. Shukla
  • The Open Web –   Shwetank Dixit
  • The Global Warming –   Rohit Prakash
  • FIX Protocol   – Atul Lakhotia
  • The Financial Crisis and India Redux  –  Pankaj Jain
  • Adobe AIR   –  Romil Mittal

If you have a flashing angle then you may also participate in the BarCamp Delhi 6 Contests organized by mediaredefined.

barcamp-logo200X86Contest : There were basically two sort of contests first is BCD Virtual Talk Blogging Contest where a blog post can make you win your very own domain with hosting. The second is a photography contest titled BarClickDelhi where pictures taken by you at BCD6 can help you win a Flickr Pro account. Read more details of the contest.

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