Many users find Google Docs a nice replacement for expensive desktop apps, though it does not master the office suite, but it is enough for most of the people. But for the users who were not satisfied with the existing features, Google now add a new feature called Collaborative Highlighting, which lets users see the text that other editors are highlighting as they select it.

Collaborative Highlighting in Google Docs Real Time Collaborative Highlighting Now in Google Docs

Peter Solderitsch, Software Engineer at Google, wrote.

Writing a document collaboratively in Google Docs is like playing a team sport. It’s one thing to see your co-editors’ cursors and know where they are.

But to really work well together, it helps to know what they’re about to do. Today we’ve made it much easier to anticipate the changes other editors are about to make,” he announced.

You can now see the text that other editors are highlighting as they select it. So if someone is about to delete something on your screen or drag text somewhere else, you’ll see them highlight that text before anything changes,” he explained.

While this new feature serves as a superb way of seeing what the others are about to do, it’s also very useful for highlighting a part of text for the other users. Although it is a small feature, but will help lot of people to work collaboratively.