Ubuntu officially announce the  released candidate of Ubuntu 9.04 for your operating system.Released Candidate (RC)  ie Ubuntu 9.04 RC is the work done upon the  Ubuntu 9.04 Beta version which was released in last month.Their are many knowing  issues in the beta release  like:

  • A bug in an Ubuntu-specific patch to X server logging code will cause X sessions to crash after they have been running for longer than a day.When i upgrade my ubuntu studio i do face the same problems.
  • Some users of Intel i8x5 video chipsets are unable to load X, getting an error message of “Fatal server error:
  • The mdadm package in Ubuntu 9.04 Beta will fail to assemble RAID10 arrays on boot
  • When installing to a system with another OS previously installed, the migration assistant will offer to migrate settings and documents even when the entire disk is being overwritten

After that beta, lots of works has done by developers and RC version become more satle and here are the few changes since Ubuntu 8.10 was released:

  • Updates to the Linux kernel, X.Org server, GNOME and KDE interfaces
  • Support for the Ext4 file system
  • Improved handling of multiple monitors
  • Improved boot speeds
  • Updated software including newer versions of Firefox and OpenOffice.org

Also another one new version already in designed to run on ARM processor and which is knowing that will able to run on a number of upcoming netbooks and mobile internet devices.