Rising Saga is a typical MMORPG. Rising Saga is a refined 2.5 D free to play , browser based MMORPG launched by Changyou India on 9 July 2012 and is currently in closed beta stage. It requires only a browser Flash plug-in installed and an account to play. You are able to role play as humans and elves in the struggle to fight the undead to save the world from destruction.

As a browser MMORPG, Rising Saga graphics are good enough. Also the online game Rising Saga runs smoothly in any web browser without lag. The gameplay presented in web based Rising Saga is amazing; Players can use a multitude of shortcuts to make use of skills. Moreover, its stability is remarkable: the game does not crash almost in no time and commands always provide accurate responses, even in maps packed with players.
It is made up of the most common elements that are provided in most games. Players in it take quests, explore dungeons, trap and train pets, transform mounts, and develop character so as to level up. In-game activities are many and not very new in terms of general framework. But every playable system is well rendered at length.

Conjuring up a fantasy setting, the game presents an in-game world of Vidalia that draws aspiration from Asian mythology. In it, players will choose from five classes covering the Elf,Priest,Warrior,Assassin,Daemon .Needless to say, all classes have their own strong and weak points so as to make a balanced gameplay on the whole. Moreover, two specifications of each class offer alternative choices for players to develop their characters. To distribute the skill points, players can shape their avatars into the desirable; and meanwhile, players are able to reset points if they change their minds.

At low levels, taking quests seems like the only and best thing to do. The quest line holds tight to a main story. And as normally expected in an Asian game, auto-walk is set up in the game too so that players can simply click the quest log to automatically transport to the required destination. By questing, players can accumulate XP to level up, which in turn unlocks following contents such as PvP, dungeon, guild, pet and mount, etc.

Pets can be gained by different means. The easiest way is by take pet-related tasks, while they are also attainable when players use pet taming scrolls to transform captured animals or directly buy them (usually rare and unique) in the item mall. The list of playable elements doesn’t stop here. Players in it can also join Party to enjoy group fight, duel others in open PvP battleground, level up characters’ soul to add more special aura, exquisite graphics and passable music are not bad. Fantasy, action and adventure all blend in it; no wonder the game is hotly received.