Around a month ago i had the hands of Samsung Galaxy Note. We have also published the features and specification of Galaxy note together with hands on product shots. In first 30 minutes of using the device (Samsung Galaxy Note), i found it to be uncomfortable on my hands but after sparing few hours, I started ignoring my previous devices. The note is just 178g and its not just a phone, It gave me a mixed feel of phone+tablet. The device gave me an experience of seamless browsing, effort less blogging & make me a email ninja.

Last week i also had the hands of Google Nexus and found it be super impressive. The 1.2 GHz dual core Processor with Super HD display reminds me to think about my last experience of Samsung Galaxy Note. For some time i was confused which one is better (Samsung Galaxy Note or Google Nexus Prime) then i took both the device on my hand and compared it.

Exclusive Hands on Images of Google Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note

Here are few points that can be drawn on the basis of features:

Samsung galaxy note have the 1.4 GHz processor whereas Google Galaxy Nexus have 1.2 GHz dual core Processor.

Both Samsung Galaxy Note and Google Galaxy Nexus Prime has 1 GB of RAM to support massive applications and Games!

Version of Android OS
Samsung galaxy note has Android 2.3 Gingerbread (which is upgradable to Ice Cream) whereas Samsung Galaxy Nexus prime have the latest version of Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy Note has the powerful batter of 2500 mAh whereas Galaxy Nexus have 1750 mAh Battery.


Rear Camera: Samsung Galaxy note has super camera of 8 MP where as Google Galaxy nexus have 5 MP of decent camera.
Front Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note has 2 MP of front camera whereas Galaxy Nexus have 1.3 MP front camera.

Samsung Galaxy note has a bigger 5.3” WXGA (1280 x 800, 285 PPI) screen which is HD Super AMOLED whereas Google Galaxy Nexus has 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD together with high quality curved glass. Though Note have bigger screen but Google Nexus has higher pixel density 313ppi which 10% higher than Samsung Galaxy Note (285ppi)

Samsung Galaxy Note has a MicroSD slot which is missing in Nexus but on the other hand Google Galaxy Nexus have has an HDMI output.

Personal Conclusion

After comparing Samsung Galaxy Note and Google Galaxy Nexus Prime i found Note to have a plus for hardware but in my personal opinion i would prefer Nexus Prime as it is more sleeker with impressive screen (that i haven’t experienced before). It doesn’t mean that i’m neglecting the multiple use of Galaxy Note and its ability to make me email ninja or entertainment junky BUT a cutting technology of Google Nexus is something that is lucrative and seducing for me. In one word Screen of Google Nexus is Wow!

Why you should go for Google Galaxy Nexus

1.Connectivity:Google Galaxy nexus has an HDMI output – Boom 🙂
You can watch videos and movies on a TV with the help of HDMI input, now you can have presentations from phone.

Google Galaxy nexus has somewhat 10% higher pixel density. If you don’t understand 313ppi vs 285ppi just have a hands on over screens.

3.Body Volume
Google nexus has 30% less body volume. 81.3cm³(Google Galaxy Nexus Prime) vs 116.7cm³ (Samsung Galaxy Note) means you should have it and conclude it your way.

4.Shorter Google Galaxy nexus is 10.85mm shorter! 136.0mm (Google Nexus Prime) vs 146.85mm (Samsung Galaxy Note).

5.Lighter Google Galaxy nexus is 43.0g lighter! 135.0g (Google Nexus Prime) vs 178.0g (Samsung Galaxy Note).

6.Thinner Google Galaxy nexus is 0.9mm thinner! 8.8mm (Google Nexus Prime) vs 9.7mm (Samsung Galaxy Note)

Why you should go for Samsung Galaxy Note

If you want something extra then Samsung Galaxy Note has 1.6x stronger camera for clicking photos, also its front camera is 1.5x stronger than Google Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung Galaxy Note has an option of a MicroSD slot.

3.Screen size to call it Phone+Tab
Samsung Galaxy Note has 14% bigger screen size than Google Nexus Prime.

4. Gorilla Glass
Samsung Galaxy Note has a Special and strong glass cover on screen that is durable enough to resist normal breakage (that doesn’t mean you give it a punch while testing).

5. Screen resolution
Samsung Galaxy Note has 12% higher screen resolution. 800 x 1280px (Samsung Galaxy Note) vs 720 x 1280px (Google Nexus Prime)


Note:  Device name is Google Galaxy Nexus and its sub names are Google Galaxy Nexus Prime, Google Nexus Prime, Google Nexus2, Samsung Nexus Prime!