As a Twitter user, sometimes you search twitter for some news or anything you was searching there and ended up with wasting time there. No need to waste time on Twitter search now because Snap Bird is there to save your time and helps you to find search term easily.

Snap Bird is an app for Twitter which offer user to perform advanced search in Twitter because it offer search results older than 10 days. It is simple to use and you can easily started with by authenticating your Twitter account with this app, once you have authenticated your account, this app access your Twitter account and you can easily search Twitter in no time.

By using this app, you can search someone’s timeline, someone’s favorite, your friend’s tweets, tweets mentioning you, sent and received direct messages in addition to this you can also specify person for which you want to perform the search.

Snap Bird is a great tool only if you want to get better search result on Twitter and it also display results which can also be permalinked just as you perform search in Google.

Check out Snap Bird for Twitter and share your feedback with us in comment section!