Gone are those days when you have no control over your mobile device. Mobile phones once lost are lost forever those days but that isn’t true now. Thanks to the innovative minds who had come up with various security applications that protect your phone from theft, secure the sensitive data stored in them, track your phone on Google map with the help of GPS and much more. Though these security applications were popular, most of these applications were limited to one or two mobile device. Most mobile security apps are compatible with Blackberry and not with other devices. WaveSecure is one exception that provides all the above mentioned features that comes for Android, Symbian, Window Mobile and Blackberry.

Interesting Features Of WaveSecure

* Remotely lock down your device
* Wipe out important data stored on your mobile to protect your privacy
* Back up your data from your phone or remotely on the web
* Access your data online from anywhere. Restore your data to a new phone
* Locate your lost phone and plot the locations on a map
* Track SIM cards inserted and phone calls made to help get your lost phone back

WaveSecure is nothing but a mobile security oriented service that locks your mobile if it is lost, it remotely secures your data and also allows to back up and restore the data in your mobile. The service supports all different smart phones except for Apple’s iPhone. The service also utilizes the GPS facility in the smart phones to track your mobile phone if you had lost it. Unlike other apps which just protect your phone, WaveSecure does much more than that. It always runs in the background of the mobile and thus does not allow the thief to change the Sim card. The service also triggers an alarm when it locks the phone, thus threatening the thief to drop the phone from the place where he or she had taken it.

When you are very sure that your phone is lost forever, you can use WaveSecure to send a remote command to erase all the valuable data from your mobile. Thus with the help of this service you can be sure that all your precious data is still preserved. Another important merit of this service is its price. WaveSecure is available for a very cheap price and is definitely a worth pick considering the security it offers to your mobile phone.