Internet gave us the freedom to browse and share anything online with friends. Sharing photos online with friends and dear ones is the best way to use internet for personal works. Already, we have Flickr, Twitpic, Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket and so on. To upload photos on these social networking sites takes a lot of time and like always you do not have enough time. Want to save lots of time while uploading photos to all social networks, then give a try to Dropico. Dropico offers you drag-and-drop option which allows you to upload all your photos and in no time all your photos will be uploaded on other social networking sites. Dropico is good service for those who are busy and always run short of their time.

To get started with Dropico, you have to become a member of their site. After becoming member of their site, you see list of available social media sites which allow you to share your photos on required social networking site. All you need to do is to connect to those site by providing access to the accounts you are connected.

Dropico is easy to use website and with simple drag-and-drop interface of Dropico’s website it doesn’t need any explanation. Simply you have to drag photo you want from one social network into other. That’s it. Do you find this useful one? If yes, then share your thoughts with us in comments section and meanwhile let us know which other service you are using to share photos on multiple social networking sites.

Link for Dropico