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After the becharm market of Opera Mini a new rival enters into the market with some ambitious features. Skyfire – a free mobile web browser is simple and very handy in use, in a simple way its a web browser which maneuvers by furnishing the web pages on a server using the Gecko rendering engine before sending the rendered output to the browser i.e its a smart and tech savvy web browsers for our mobile phones.The main vantage of Skyfire is its ability to render Adobe Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime without any additional plug-ins on the device .

Skyfire have potentialities that can compete with Safari on the iPhone is its power to play flash videos.So now you can enjoy your social image and can be happily listen to your favorites tracks on your mobile via music sites such as Last.FM and can be part into popular video sites such as Youtube and, or and Revver.It works under the process that its output is sent as images annotated with interactive items such as links and text-fields.Moreover the best benefits in using Skyfire is that it can be easily updated server-side without the need to update the client ie you need to to update it all the time like other applications.

About the founders:
Nitin Bhandari (listen to the Six Minutes With  Nitin Bhandari, CEO of Skyfire )
Erik Swenson

Pros of using Skyfire

Skyfire have some eye catchy feature that includes :

  • Skyfire is a simple fully-featured desktop web browser
  • Presence of Power Bar that combines search and URL entry into single bar
  • Ease of downloading files
  • Social Networking Enabled
  • Presence of New search bar on the Homescreen
  • Presence of redesign start page
  • Amazingly faster start-up and page loading times
  • Ability to share a link via SMS
  • Ability to invite friends to download Skyfire via SMS
  • Ability to save an image
  • Skyfire can now be set as the default browser.

Cons of using Skyfire

  • Skyfire have the deficiency of the option to import your Favorites and Bookmarks from another browsers or the data stored in the mobile i.e lack of choice to to import your Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) bookmarks
  • From – “SkyFire 0.8 has some critical bugs like “change” event is not fired on text boxes (text, password, file) and textarea elements. ItsNat adds a workaround to this bug, a change event is fired and dispatched when the blur event is fired simulating the missing event, this solution makes this browser workable. There are other important bugs: multiple selection does not work on select elements with “multiple” attribute and input elements with type=file do not work, there is no workaround for these bugs.” In short this means text entry in Skyfire is annoying.
  • The update process in Skyfire take longer than expected time.When the user lost its network while updating it keeps on updating without any fruitful results i.e connecting and reconnecting and you have to restart the browser again.

Conclusion : After analyzing the pros and cons of Skyfire i came to the point that its still have enough points to try it out.Skyfire is in its beta version and have most probably it will debugs its cons in next few releases.