Introduction and increase in the number of Smartphone users in Australia have also led to the increase in registering complaints regarding the use of such phones in the country. According to the reports, Australia is presently said to register 9 percent increased complaint regarding the mobile phones than last year.

SmartphonesThe users are usually complaining about apparently faulty services including excessive billing and sketchy network coverage of the service. However, most of the complaints were centered on the billing and service of the internet itself. The users are complaining about the exorbitant internet charges rising to 150 percent of the billed amount.

Reports further expressed that most of the complainants have started using the new Smartphones and have started purchasing and using the Smartphones from the year 2011 itself. It is estimated that almost 89 percent of the Australians own a mobile phone (according to reports of 2011). The population between the age group of 18 to 44 years has shown a sharp increase in mobile phone usage, jumping to a record percentage of 97 to 98.

According to Simon Cohen, the Ombudsman of the Telecommunications Industry, the unresolved telecom debt is responsible for the excessive number of customer complaints regarding the blacklisting of the credit. He also added that it has a direct effect upon the credit applications of the citizens of Australia, which has taken the country for a run. However, he is looking towards 2013, when an integrated and improved system will be launched that would notify the customers about the approaching data and call limit. The new consumer protection code is said to be launched in the year 2013.