What is SRS WOW HD audio?

SRS WOW HD audio for htc-touch and all windows mobile devicesThe SRS WOW HD software enhances your audio to make it sound best through the speaker or ear plugs. It doesn’t magically give you a full and rich bass but it does make sure you can actually hear it. You can slide some faders to set it up for your personal needs
Why we use it?
The basic problem of built-in speakers and ear plugs of windows mobile or any other mobile device is that they can’t manage to produce the full audio spectrum which results in the ‘shouldn’t there be a bass line in this song’-syndrome

Best thing is that it’s a  freeware application is a sound booster plug’s sort of use for your Windows Mobile 6 device.

How To ?
SRS WOW HD effects control software for Windows Mobile 6. Copy the .cab file on your device and after install you can access this utility from Setting > System > WOW HD settings.

– First of all copy the cab file to pocket pc (like mine htc touch)
– Installed the program and restart the device.

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