Eight months ago, Wyoming Governor Matt mead had announced that he would like to migrate to Google-based technology for the state. Eight months later, Wyoming is the first state to have Google apps. For the first time in the history of the state, all of 10,000 Wyoming’s state employees have moved to Google app.

Google announced in its blog

For the first time ever, Wyoming’s entire state government now shares a common email, calendar and document system, making it easier for employees to find and collaborate with one another’. They also added that with this transition ‘the state is also saving taxpaying Wyomingites approximately $1 million annually

This transition will enable the entire state to have a unified communication system, and will help state employees to find each other and collaborate efficiently with other state employees.

In the Google Enterprise Blog, Governor Matt Mead blogged about the announcement, and provided links to the announcement he made in his official page. Governor Matt Mead blogged

Not only has Wyoming cut the cord and gone to cloud-based computing, allowing more mobility for and collaboration between employees, this is also the first time all of our employees have been on a shared email platform

With this transition, Google and the entire world with it will look forward to seeing if any of the other states and countries will follow suit.