sugarsync Do you want to  view and share your computer (PC or Mac) files on your Blackberry, even if your computer is offline ?

If your answer is “No”, Please don’t look below.But if “yes” then you can sync photos / data between your computer and camera phone without any  cables.

Not so thrilled about the connectivity...
by The Bees

Do you want to know “What actually is SugarSync”?
As the Products guys says “SugarSync is a new service from Sharpcast that securely backs up your computers online and synchronizes them automatically. It will let you access the latest version of your files from anywhere — on the web, on different computers, even on your mobile phone! The best part is that SugarSync takes care of everything in the background so you don’t have to hassle with making backups or emailing files to yourself” (source from parent website)

Its the easiest way to always have photos of your loved ones with you or to get all your cameraphone photos onto your computer. So go ahead and leave your laptop at home. SugarSync is a must-have for on-the-go people.


How does it work?
As the Products guys says  “SugarSync keeps an eye on all the folders on your computer that you choose to sync and back up. These folders are referred to as your SugarSync folders.

Whenever you change any file within these folders, SugarSync will sync that change everywhere else — your computers, your personal website or your mobile phone. You can also work offline on your computer and your changes will automatically be picked up and synchronized the next time you connect online.”(source from parent website)


SugarSync Mobile is a free application and should be used together with the SugarSync backup and sync service.

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