cake decor_b'day

This time i decided to dedicate my b’day on hostel and college life.i’m leaving the hostel tomorrow and its true that my b’day party is the last b’day bash in hostel.
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I invited more than 40 people.(mostly final year students and some juniors.)
But last night i get lots n lots of bumps on my ass( god.!!so panic).Our party starts from 9 pm and last till 3.30 a.m,most of the beginners were out of order by 11 a.m and they were lying on the college ground after giving me bumps.
While we are eating every one pranks on each other and i was just remembering that it quite
difficult to get all these folks together šŸ™


Got lots of wishes through facebook,orkut,twitter





wanna say sweet thanks to you all and just remembering this songs by fall out boys