This is almost a dead giveaway. The good things about why you should join a startup company far exceed the reasons why you should not. Whether you are a fresh graduate or you are simply tired and worn out working your way up the venerated corporate ladder and you feel like “working for the man” is not right anymore, now is the best time to shift places and make that intelligent leap.


Work for a startup company. Here is why it is great.

  1. More Say, More Who Listen. Because a startup company usually is in the process of learning the ropes of a business, then every opinion or suggestion is heard and taken to heart. The company’s number of employees is typically small, too, so each person in a startup carries more weight in business decisions. You do not have that mousy existence in the board anymore. Finally, you have an audible voice. Who wants to pass up a job like that?
  2. More Sense of Ownership. True, you are not the person who is financing it, or founded it, but you are as close as you can ever be, again because of the number of people in a startup. Usually, employees in a startup have some stock options or equity which gives you a sense of ownership. You are not merely a cog in a startup company. You are a real, live person!
  3. More Thrust and Meaning. As with a lot of companies, a startup begins with a strong sense of purpose and a clear and straightforward vision, something that you have been missing in your big company. This is a company whose mission and vision resonates in every hallway and document passed among the employees. You feel more encouraged and energized now that you see the true meaning of the job you are doing.
  4. More Togetherness and Teamwork. Startup companies usually have a small knit group, like a mini-family. These are personalities who understand that they all have to work together to succeed.
  5. More Diverse Co-Workers and Assignments. In startups, you will be able to meet new people and expand your horizons. Because of the limited hands able to work, you will be given new things to work on and discover different things. You will grow in your workplace.
  6. You will Lean More. Startups are jumpstarting on everything, and you are at the very edge of learning new things and new lessons about the business and how it thrives. You will probably learn more management skills in a startup that in school.
  7. Less Politics, More Friendships and Healthy Competition. You can forget those sneaky people who are working at nothing but burying the hatchet of frustration in your back. There is practically no politics and everyone is usually closer to each other. Think of it this way: in a normal family setting, sibling rivalry is present only if there are too many children vying for attention, but this is not present in smaller families. The same goes for big and startup companies.
  8. More Intensity. When working at a startup, you will get the intensity and the vibe that you miss is a normal day job.
  9. A bright future. With the environment and the kind of people startups have, the future of the company and your future are sure to be great. Just remember to keep your statistics up
  10. Fun. Startups are always more fun than the normal work environments. That is simply the nature of the business.

Of course you still need to calculate the risks that you are taking. But in startups, the demand is high and the avenues for opportunity are abundant. Just remember to research the company you are about to join before making the big leap.

Note: Above are the few factors due to which i planned to go for startup in 2006. After completing my graduation i never applied for job & my friends compel me that its a fallaciously doing by refusing the job offers. On the other hand, there are lot of #StartUpProblems one faces like Cashflow, funding, sleepless nights, product problems, compromise with friends & family but in the end you love doing what you doing with your full heart & soul. Tweet It

Waiting to hear your reviews on these points.