We know that Twitter is becoming more and more popular that it has even become the current buzzword in gaining more potential customers for online businesses on the Internet. This micro-blogging and social networking tool combines to send a very short but powerful message to the world at large, and it is never too heavy a read, being only 140 characters per tweet. Many Tweeter fans say it is here to stay.

tweeter_dating Twitter is also making an impact on how people interact on the web, in particular, online dating. This seems to be the next logical step for this micro-blogging phenomenon to take, because how else will you keep from boring your dates to death, except through short but sweet messages. Let’s consider some Twitter dating tips:

One, have a really good and reliable sounding user-name. No slutty porn names please. Using last names are a must if you want to appear trustworthy.

Two, create a realistic but sexy sounding bio and avatar. Tweak your potential dates’ interests.

Three, start following the people you fancy. But not on the stalker-ish level.

Four, be yourself and be genuine. Nothing spells date disaster more than a fakie.

Five, help your love interests out. Be nice, and soon you’ll have a romantic following.

Six, keep it simple, be light-hearted and upbeat. Trying too hard or being too emotional will only drive people away.

Seven, compliment as often as you can, but be sincere. How else will you start flirting?

Eight, appear confident and optimistic. If you feel good about yourself, people will feel good about you.

Nine, don’t forget to have fun. Remember, a sense of humor is always considered sexy.

Ten, don’t come on too strong. Don’t be overly sexual, or you’ll lose your following and get branded as a sexual predator.

Note:Its quite easy to share informations, links, suggestions and even chat on twitter.But their are many ways when tweets moves from public time lines to Direct Messages.Feel free to comments your innovative ideal ways to date via twitter.

PS:This post is part of  humorous thinking of my mind, don’t take this serious and stay part of it by commenting your views.