It was a battle between 22 souls on the ground and millions out of it who in times not so yore had lost in the race to be the TITANS of Europe.Both sides had to prove their character , their mettle and give their fans something to rejoice.While Arsenal was brutally eliminated by Manchester United, Barcelona needed a divine interference to oust Chelsea.

Chelsea vs Arsenal

The encounter began at the stadia de emirates and as always the “GOONERS” started in a style they are synonymous to.The men in blue found themselves confused in a manner which has become quite a habit of theirs this year.And then came the blitzkrieg, the Arsenal onslaught.Attack after attack, they kept testing the Chelsea defense.I am a Chelsea fan(BIG!!) but I would not hide my feelings for Arsenal.I just adore their brisk paced emasculate passing which leaves opponents dumfounded.And I wish and hope of a day when Chelsea will have same skills complemented by its present conversion ratio.

Somebody once said “Attempts are not worth if they are not producing results”.Nobody ever said this.I just wrote it :-).And same is the case with Arsenal.They mesmerize their fans and haunt their opponents attack after attack.But one thing which is needed to win,“GOAL” eludes them terribly.I wonder how often Arsenal start a game as if they are playing against a team from our very own NFL(No, don’t tell me that you don’t know what NFL is…shame on you …go find out..) and how seldom they end up on the same high.Same was the case on Sunday as well, they left Chelsea open mouthed from the word go.But they couldn’t just score.And finally after 90 minutes they lost 1 – 4.

Chelsea on the other hand after stumbling in the start regained composure and showed brilliance on the field though not as often as Arsenal did.But being a Chelsea fan I am proud of the fact that they can definitely score whenever given the slightest of the opportunity.One thing I am certain after Sundays game is that Chelsea’s defense is in the right “LEGS”(hands) :-).If Arsenal are impressive with their passing and brisk paced beautiful football,Chelsea are brilliant when it comes to set pieces and when the ball is in air.The first goal resulted as a combination of above mentioned factors.Assassin – Alex ,Victim – Arsenal.The next blow to Arsenal came from a single handed brilliance of Anelka(ex-arsenal graduate) who just got through Fabianski with his power and pace.Probably giving the newer breed at Arsenal a lesson or two in scoring.The third was an own goal by Toure And the death blow came from Malouda.And thus the tale at Emirates ended with faces,some with tears and frustration and some with joy and relief.

The score line though does not truly reflect the competition on the ground.And I feel for Arsenal for not scoring more goals.And I strongly believe that something big needs to be done And I don’t know what.Probably they have the right person to handle this.But sooner they do it the better it will be for them.

The footballing season for both these teams have almost ended now.While Arsenal are going through a drought of 4 years without a silver ware,Chelsea still have a chance in FA cup final against Everton.

Blue is the color..Chelsea is the name….Go on Chelsea gulp the “TOFFIES”.