I liked The One (2009) – Quan from Quan Yeomans for its awesome bass R&B music.See what does  Quan says about his own songs which is directed and produced by his 4 other members named 1.Matt Weston, 2.Tuesday Picken, 3.Polly Smyth and 4.Lisa Dottore

Ok, this one is creepy. It’s creepy because A) the song is based on a true story (Apart from the brutal slaying and sinister disposal of the bodies part) B) I look like a junkie in cold weather and C) because me attempting to sing any kind of R&B is probably not something i should be doing.

Five of us (Matt, Tuesday, Polly, Lisa and me) took a Ex1 camera and tons of other crap to a quiet snow village in Victoria, Australia for a weekend. Matt co-directed with Tuesday and shot all of the footage while I dragged Polly’s limp carcass deftly about the villa and Lisa did makeup and stuffed pillows into body bags. I then took it all back to HK on a hard drive, shot some more of me writhing about on a bed like a twat, recorded a new orchestral middle 8, constructed some weird creature shots in 3D, edited and graded it over a few months in between touring on the BDO in Aus… Phew!