Internet has been one of the prime inventions in the field of Information Technology that no one can deny. Almost 80% of today’s population is dependent on Internet by some form or the other. Having said the popularity of Internet, it’s now time to mention the boom of auction websites. There are lots of website which provide these services to the users. Though website like ebay is top in this list, these sites pose complex and stringent requirement which may not be suitable if you are an amateur. If you wish to know about the simplest yet efficient auction site, you need to know about is the one stop place which offers the simplest service to sell you valuable items online. The website has a decent graphical user interface which is user friendly and does not require any prerequisite from the user. All that you need to do is to fill in a single page of basic information about the product you are going to sell, add few striking images of the product and just click on Ok. Within 60 second ensures that your item is listed is stored in their database. Once your listing is submitted everyone in the world can see your listing and purchase. This listing process is easier than any other website which in turn also makes it user-friendly and thus anyone who is not even much computer savvy can list his item for sale without taking much effort.

The site is pretty popular that it has its users rooted all around the globe. The best part of all is that it is not mandatory to have an account in the website to sell your product. Further it is interesting to note that they offer you keyword based search so one can find a particular item in the site easily.

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