Music is something that we love to listen to anytime of the day. It’s what we listen to when we feel sad, happy or any other emotion. For music lovers, their iPod is their most coveted possession to date. With their favorite songs on the hard drive from a hundred to a thousand in numbers, it is a treasure chest of tunes. The Internet has certainly increased the number of music to be downloaded on a daily basis. As software and technology evolves, most users expect faster and easier ways to get their music fix from the web.

Choosing the best download site has a lot of factors. Of course, you have to consider the site’s reputation. Are they licensed in distributing downloadable music? What kinds of formats do they offer? Does your computer or audio player supports those files? Does the site and software maintain a good relationship with the customers? These are some things that you keep in mind before choosing the right one.

The following list was gathered from reviews composed of the best and brightest download software in the market today. You get to know what the hot trend is nowadays, the most beneficial software and basically all the amazing features that each one has to offer. And of course, let’s see where iTunes is ranked compared with other must have top software and where to get them.

Note: Music and songs are supposed to be free in most of the countries and there are so many ways to download them ethically/non ethically. Thats why this post is dedicated for US citizens only.

Here are the top music download sites/ software’s for your iPod: (10 is the Highest)

1. PayPlay FM : Offer more than 90,000+ Karma Tracks on the site. You can enjoy 25 fee tracks just by sign up. payplay

2. Puretracks : Offers digital music with full music licensing in both the United States and Canada, focuses on the development and delivery of customized music solutions for the top-tier companies. Note: It is only available to US residents. puretracks

3. Audio Lunchbox : Offers quick, easy and affordable  purchase of digital music . Aims to provide DRM (Digital Rights Management) free music for users.audiolunchbox

4. Walmart Music : Offer best collections of top music CD lists, together with your favorite music genres.wallmart

5. eMusic : Offers music that works with the iPOD, ZUNE, and other MP3 players.It have wide collections of more than 5.5 million songs. First new users it offers 25 free MP3s as a gift just for checking out their services.25-free-downloads

6. Zune Marketplace : Offering Zune 3.0 software for discovering music on Pc together with an online community to explore, discover and share your taste. In short they tag them self as

Zune unites wireless MP3 players,
PC software, an online Marketplace
and a Social network together in the
ultimate entertainment service


7. Rhapsody : Offers more than 6 million songs library where you can access unlimited legal songs on monthly membership.As an external feature you can customize your music in playlist and can share it with your friends.rhapsody

8. Amazon MP3 : Offers million of paid and free music together with Amazon MP3 Downloader to enhance the downloading of songs. Note: All the Amazon songs are in MP3 format and are free from DRM (digital rights management).amazon

9. Napster: Offers unlimited on-demand downloadable MP3s and music streaming.You can also have permanent collection of songs playable on any MP3 compatible device, including  iPhone ,iPod and all MP3 music-enabled mobile

10. iTunes : Most common source of music for apple users. Offers most demanding application (iTunes) for the apple music devices and phone.ipod