With an ocean of information available throughout the web, it is important that one knows proper means to gain and share the required information effectively. File sharing and hosting websites come into good use if you have to share a data with a person sitting in another part of the world. Though, e-mail provides you with the option of sharing the data but the limit for the amount of sharing is very less and hence these websites become highly useful.

There are a number of websites that provide you with the service of file sharing and hosting and many of these are free. A website is rated on the basis of the bandwidth and storage space that is provided to the users for loading or uploading data in the form of word files, video, acrobat or compressed folders. There are a number of good websites which are highly user friendly and are highly used.

These are the top 10 file sharing and hosting websites based on the primary requirements of the user.

1. FileSavr.com

FileSavr.com unarguably amongst the best provides you with an upload limit of 10 GB which is very high. Hence the user can upload whatever he wants to without giving much thought to the size. By using Web2.0 technology and Ajax, Flash, the site makes web hosting very easier.

2. FileDropper

FileDropper is another highly acclaimed web hosting website which provides 5 GB of space and is very fast in the process of web hosting. The best part of FileDropper is that uploading a file is very easy and can be done by a simple click.

3. YouSendIt

YouSendIt claims to be the most popular and secure online file sharing software that allows you to easily send large files and email attachments.

4. MegaShares

MegaShares provide you with a little less storage space at 1.5GB but the duration for which a file can stay on the page is higher.

5. Sendspace

Sendspace provide you the space up to 1.2 GB but they have the disadvantage of having a download bandwidth limit at 100 GB which though is not unlimited but still is not less.

6. Sendthisfile

Sendthisfile claims to easily send and receive large files over web. You can share files with anyone with a link.

7. Fastfiles

Fastfiles.com allows maximum size of 500 MB for uploading and unlimited bandwidth and downloading. The uploading is easy and there are no issues regarding the duration of file on the website.

8. Filefactory

Filefactory provides you with the facilities to host up to 300 MB for free and get unlimited download. The best thing about this website is that there is nothing to register and the hosting and sharing process is very simple.

9. Filemonster

Filemonster allows you upload up to 250 Mb and further there is no bandwidth, download or file type limits.

10. Rapidshare

Rapidshare offers upto 200 MB of file storage and is the most visited website for file sharing and is rapidly growing. The file expiration date is also sufficient for the website.


Decide upon the website depending upon what your requirements are going to be because although these might be free but your effort and time can be saved by going for the best website.