There is no ifs and buts on the fact that iPhone has ruled the mobile industry in a short span of time. Yet we have millions of loyal user of Window mobile that never thought of switching to Apple brands. In fact, there are several reasons why Window mobile can be better than iPhone. To name a few – recording phone calls are by large means possible with WinMo and not with iPhone, you need not buy Mac to develop an app, running several apps on window mobile is allowed while running more than a few on iPhone can run short on battery. One of the huge advantage of WinMo is that as it’s been around for long time now, the developers understands the technology well and so great varieties of software are accessible that covers anything from business apps to cool music and 3D games. Window mobile are here to stay and for the users looking for cool apps honeytechblog have complied Top 10 Freeware Windows Mobile Applications to have a pick! top-10-free-windows-mobile-apps

1. Opera Mobile

Let’s face it Opera Mini Browser has always remained ahead of Internet Explore and opera keep upgrading its features to the best. This browser is faster; carrying advanced features such as zooming, panning, widgets, save pages or pics, bookmarks and many more options that are better user-interface than IE. If you really want the best experience while browsing/surfing then make a choice with Opera Mobile that delivers an ultimate web experience.

2. NewsGator Go

NewsGator Go! can be beyond excellent for RSS reader that is not only free but also fast and easy to handle. It offers you instant access to news, entertainment, blogs, finance, hotels, games, or anything for that matter. Just create an online account there and use the service by choosing the feeds you wish to track down. The impressive part is it also allows you to clip articles and store them to have a look later.

3. Google Sync

This one is a must for all Gmail users. Gsync Synchronize the built-in Mail, Calendar and Contacts apps on your Windows Mobile device with your Google account. Now you can get your Gmail pushed directly to your Windows Mobile device regardless of the place you are in. Further using your WinMo device’s native calendar, you can also access your Google calendar, and be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration.

4. SRS WOW HD Audio

SRS WOW HD Audio is the best and most useful add-ons for Window Mobile. It leaves behind Microsoft’s own window media player by offering improved audio experience. This program requires Window Mobile 6.0 and above to great excellent full audio spectrum. Read our review on SRS WOW HD Audio.

5. CorePlayer

If you enjoy watching lot of videos then you may not find a better option than CorePlayer player, which is a Core pocket and open source media player for especially designed for desktop, mobile phone, portable media player, PDA, GPS, or convergence device. Apart from supporting wide range of formats it can also play audio, video and image files in more sophisticated formats. The advanced functionality can load your video smooth and fast without a problem.

6. Windows Live Messenger

If you are love chatting with your friends, family or colleagues then get this excellent app called Windows Live Messenger. You can enjoy similar IM experience you have at home or office apart from keeping all your contacts in one place for finding it when you need. However, this mobile app does not comprise each and every feature you have it with desktop version, yet sending/receiving emoticons, changing status and much more is possible.

7. Pocketcm Image  Viewer

PocketCM is a set of finger friendly and customizable applications for windows mobile developed by Quentin Pouplard. PocketCM Contact Manager allows you to scroll your list of contacts, call and edit them. It is the first finger friendly application developed by Quentin (actually, it is the rewrite of its .Net version, ContactManager) and was followed by PocketCM Keyboard which quickly became one of the best virtual SIP out there for Windows Mobile.

8. Dashwire

Having a backup of everything we own on mobile is so important, that why we have this app letting you back up your contacts, messages, photos, and videos online where it can be accessed from PC’s web browser. Apart from backing up your valuable data, you can also share photos and upload videos to others of Flicker and Facebook. There’s also a cool messaging app in-built comprising lots of goodies.

9. EverNote

This is an excellent application that stores notes, documents & images and further gives me the knack to access & search them from anywhere. It runs on Mac’s, PC’s, PDA and online & so regardless of where you are, you’ve got entrance to your required information. The best feature of Evernote is syncing, whether you carry one system or thousands – this will sync all together.

10. Pocket Uno

Uno is one of the world’s most popular family card games. Just play cards from your hand by matching color, number, or word. Try to rid yourself of cards before opponents do! Rules are simple but the gameplay offers hours of fun.

Do help us upgrade our choice on these Window Mobile apps by letting us know more useful and fun applications if you come across