Job search is one such thing which does not stops; you would look for better and better once you get in. But the most important mistake people make is by focusing on “where to search” instead of “How to search”. Yes, no matter what skills and experience you possess, if you don’t know how to search for relevant jobs then possibly you will be missing loads of good opportunities. Many people still go through morning news paper and go for interviews, while others think that it is enough to forward the resumes to concern company and wait for the interview calls, but that does not happen quite easily these days. There is lot more you need to learn to get the smarter way, so that you save time at the same time get a better job. With that in mind, honeytechblog compiles Top 10 tips on how to search for smarter jobs.

Top 10 Tips to Search For Smarter Jobs

1. Sharpen Your Resume

Obviously resume is the most important part when looking for jobs. Today it is not enough to say what you did but tell them how well you did it. When preparing for resume make sure you are tell the truth and you are clear about the goal you want to achieve in near future. Then try sites like Emurse and ResumeBucket that let you create and share online resume with potential employees, so keep things brief and precise and avoid these phrase to keep your resume relevant.

2. Read Jobs Guide/Blogs has the best guide on how to find a job and other relevant articles. This guide explains each and everything you require to search for smarter jobs. Further you can spend quality time on reading best blogs for your job search and understand what an employer is actually looking for. Never forget the more you read though the more you will learn to hone your future.

3. Do Your Homework

Once you read through those guide do your homework and learn about the industry you need to work with. Finally, look for mailing lists precise to what you desire; they usually get the freshest job listings and host real-life meetings. Ed2010, for example, serve people in publishing, while Headsets & Highballs gratify to workers in the film and television industries. So it becomes very significant to be updated about the latest industry news.

4. Build Your Network

By building network it does not mean that you need to work on your personal branding and build social profiles (of course that would help), but here you need to learn to be social without social media. Yes, once you know where you desire to work, find someone who is already working there. But how do you find them? Well, chances are there that you already know them, track down all the old associates and classmates you can think of on LinkedIn. Other best method would be to do a search on and Yahoo People.

5. Use Smart Ways Of Searching

It is not sufficient to post your resume at or It is a web world today and there are various avenues to spot jobs and also to get noticed. So you should be paying more attention online other than spotting newspapers for jobs. I don’t say that Monster or CareerBuilder do not work anymore, but also try out LinkUp, SimplyHired and Indeed, that lead in the job offering today. But don’t stop there; check out niche listing sites like, for example, which focuses in managerial positions that pay great package.

6. Go With Industry Search

This is another smarter way of searching for a job. Do a little Googling and get specific on niche. Here you can do a search on Mahalo or ChaCha where you can find specific niche. Hunt everywhere and know where the best companies are posting their jobs. Do an industry search like if you are a tech savvy person check HackerNews, Startuply and Reddit Jobs, or if you are in media hit up MediaBistro,, and IWantMedia, for designers and contract work you can look up to Coroflot, and Craigslist of course. Also learn about top areas where government is hiring.

7. Research The Company

If you are interesting in a posting, first read it thoroughly. Research the company using Web, libraries and journals to locate latest information of the same. While looking at the website (if any), don’t forget to check About or Company page. Further know the company’s market position, products and goals. Memorize some facts about the company and be prepared to mention them during the interview.

8. Be Prepared

Gone are those days when predicting questions from the interviewers were quite easy to locate. Today any sort of questions could be asked, it could be related to your work profile or hobbies to personal life. Further you need to study the company and the job. Get yourself ready with particular examples that can exhibit your skills, experience and capabilities. And interview process could also be slow and frustrating, so don’t lose your cool ever and be prepared for job interview .

9. Get Professional

Although these days companies might prefer the employees to remain casual or in formal, while attending interview one need to make sure that he/she is professional in all conversation. Customize your resume for every interview you visit, and do the same with your cover letters. Don’t ever forget to carry the important documents such as degree certificate, past employer data and others.

10. Have Positive Attitude

You may or may not get the job, but building positive attitude is significant. Remember with each “No” you have an opportunity to hit for a better job with a “Yes”.

We hope you found this resourceful information worth reading. If you have better and simpler ideas then let us know via comment.