Top 10 way to speed up your website

Statuary Warning “Please don’t drag your eyes below this line  if you don’t bother about your web site performance and don’t even wants to know the tricks for optimizing it for increasing your business and users traffic

So your eyes rare here then i would ask that Are you conscious about your health?Then why don’t you bother about your web site health? Most of the users experiences the usability/convertibility/easiness of sites before addicted/committed to using it.They feel the site even before any purchase.So this is quite obvious that users drop the sites if they feel that loading of web site kills too much of their times and hence you are done with your loss.

Google engineer Aaron Hopkins studied on response time of sites (Optimizing Page Load Time) and experiments through different  tests of reducing latency for multiple HTTP requests.He founds that

turning on keep-alive and spreading the requests over four domains (for more than 12 objects per page) can significantly reduce latency (by 1/4).Web sites load time is quite important as load times between 7 and 15 seconds had high bailout rates and caused significant frustration among users as a result no-one going to sleep with your lazy web site.We obliviously know that any wait beyond that is highly likely to cause the user to abandon the site.(try yourself on some crappy and deep loaded site).On most of the B2B and social networking sites sometimes building the page also requires a connections with the back-end mainframes or database servers this also leads to slowing down the process even beyond our expectations.

What Jakob Neilson says in his book name Designing Web Usability
“…fast response times are the most important design criterion for web pages.”
slow response times often translate directly into a reduced level of trust and they always cause a loss of traffic as users take their business.

Now your are reading this then their must be a question in your mind that How to speed up and optimize my site ? So here are some top 10 way to do so

1.  Minimizing HTTP requests is main solution for web site optimization – Minimizing HTTP requests reveals the total amount of HTML files on this page is 1 which most browsers can call out while loading the page.So by optimization this the value of website increased in the eye of users.

2. The top of the page should be low weight and meaningful -Top of pages loads first and after loading rest of the objects starts loading so it should be always low weighted.You may use some colors and more text, less image to do it efficiently.

3. The total size of your images should be small (near about 30kb) – While considering your images you may easily replace it efficiently with the use of CSS.

4. Optimize your external CSS files – Use of CSS as a replacement of image are fine but even large number of CSS can cause delay in the loading time. Ideally you should have one ( on your pages and if your site traffic is very high then try to embed it with in the page.

5. Reducing your CSS file size – Even CSS beautify your site but heavy doze of every thing is quite toxic.Better use CSS file in range of 1-3Kb and in order to optimize it don’t hesitate in eliminating  the unwanted feature from it.

6. Optimize your external script files – Use of large no of script files or script library like javascripts,mootools ( other javascript framework) can affect your site script.You may try to refine it and ideally you should you as small as possible.

7. Optimizing your scripts for size – If you are using any scripts for your web page that it should as less as possible.Script size of about 7kb are fine but heavy loaded script often cause poor loading time event in broadband.

8. External multimedia files like video , audio should be obviously low

9. The total number of objects on the page – web objects cover all the images , CSS , scripts , multimedia files and all the components.So these object should be as small as possible for better loading of complete page.

10.Last but not least way of boosting your website speed is this article itself.Any way if you are not satisfied with my last way then you should go for compressing your textual content (like XHTML, JavaScript, etc.) with mod_gzip or similar products. Mod gzip is actually a content acceleration module for web server like apache (where your sites runs)