Millward Brown Optimor world’s largest research leading agency, effective in advertising, marketing communications, media and brand equity research agency published Brandz TOP 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2009. This report showing Google is the world’s first $100 billion brand, second is Microsoft and thirdly Coca-Cola and so on. The TOP 100 Brand is now worth of around $2 Trillion. It’s really great news for the web workers that Google in No. 01 and still this largest corporations brand value is growing. About the reports data process, data collections process — are disclosed inside the reports and thanks to wpp for the press release.

To making relevancy with the blog site, we are moving towards to Gaming Consoles area, it says “The leading players in the home console market are the Nintendo Wii, the Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Sony PlayStation 3,with total sales of 34.5 million units, 28 million units, and 20 million units, respectively.” In the tough economic situation the gaming sales increasing and increasing.

Then we moving towards Technology area and the Top 10 listed Brand company are, such as, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry, HP, SAP, Intel, Oracle. Report says, “Five of the top 10 in the BrandZ Top 100 are technology brands. The rapid ascent of these brands and their hight values reflect the strength and velocity of the technology category, which grew by 2 percent last year. Companies in the technology category include hardware, software,and service providers aimed at both consumers and business users. They share a common need to rapidly  innovate in order to remain competitive in a category that is about constant change.”

Have you forget to use your Mobile phone? No one can. Moving towars to Mobile Operators Brand Value data. Mobile operators stopping in Brands greatly. Top 10 mobile operators are China Mobile, Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, Movistar, T-Mobile, MTS and Beeline. About the growth of mobile operations, report says, “The mobile operator category ranks number one in brand value growth among all categories surveyed in this BrandZ ranking, with an increase of 28 percent.” Also the three companies growth which is astonishing and they directly enlisted those three companies on basis of Brand value’s changes, report explains, “AT&T’s brand value improved by 67 percent year-on-year, moving the U.S. company up three places in the category ranking to number three. Vodafone, headquartered in the UK, remains n second place, with 45 percent growth in brand value and with a year-on-year growth of 34 percent in brand value, Spanish-owned Movistar moves up one place to number seven in  the category ranking.”

However, this yearly Global Brand Value Ranking Reports will give you clear idea about a companies brand value, about the future of a company, helping to take decision about investment and so on. I wish, at the beginning you already have read “what the ranking is about, “why it’s important, and how it can help you and your business.”