Top 20 Twitter Tools for Building and Managing your Networks

There is no ifs and buts about how wonderful our Micro-blogging Twitter is. It is one of the hottest Web 2.0 apps of the year. When “t” first appeared I was amazed by the way I could show the world about how nice my cup of coffee was. Well, soon I realized Twitter is much more than just a way to tell friends what you’re doing. I really feel it can be a valuable tool for Network Weavers. You have a chance to build a strong and effective network with all users around the globe. Communication, learning and teaching can be best with Twitter, but remember things get better with Tools. Without confusing you by posting 1000’s of Tools, I have rounded up 20 best twitter tools that can help you building and managing your networks!

Build your network on Twitter

Top 20 Twitter Tools for Building and Managing your Networks!

  1. TwitterLocal – This tool allows you to locate and follow posts of people based on different geographical locations.
  2. Twubble – This would help you develop your Twitter bubble of friends. Twubble locates the most common people your friends are following that you are not.
  3. Who Should I Follow? – This is a very helpful tool for newbie that gives good recommendations on who you should follow.
  4. Mr. Tweet – Mr. You can now get many useful statistics and locate relevant people with Mr. Tweet. It can be a pure networking assistant for you!  
  5. Follow Cost  With Follow Cost you know how much effort it takes to follow someone and how much people tweet.
  6. Tweepler – Tweepler is best in organizing followers. This is especially designed for people who are facing difficulty in sorting out new followers.
  7. TwitterHolic – This list is being updated constantly so you can know out who is the most popular user on Twitter. Apart from that you can get detailed statisticsa about Your twitter account. 
  8. Just Tweet It – Want to find people with similar interest on Twitter? Then make us of “Just Tweet It” that help you locating tweeple, tools and more.
  9. Tweetdeck:- This one has a group function that would help you more professionally follow the people you really want to listen. 
  10.  TwitterMass It is a hyper networking toolset for Twitter on steroids. Site set of tools plan to assist reduce some of the ordinary processes you might go through when wanting to build and manage Twitter network.
  11.  SocialToo Do you want to be a power user of social networks? SocialToo will let you know about the people who are following and not following you. Apart from that you can get daily update about follower and also send surveys to them.
  12. Twitoria – Twitoria will locate contacts that were not been tweeted for long. It’s time to boot them.  
  13. TwitDir TwitDir not only allows you to search for people, but also find statistics for Top 100 followers, Followed, Updaters and Favoriters. 
  14. MyCleenr  It would allow you to sort your Twitter contacts via last tweet date, in turn helping you to get rid of inactive tweeters that you might now be following.
  15. Nearbytweets – Do you want to locate people that are tweeting near you? Then, with Nearbytweets you can now find twitters nearby your specific areas.
  16. Twellow  Use Twellow to find users in specific industry that you are looking for.
  17. UseQwitter – UseQwitter sent you e-mail message when some of your followers stop following you on the Network.
  18. TweepSearch This is designed to help you searching information about your follower’s bio and location.
  19. TwitterBuzz – It is one of the popular tools that is updated constantly. It tells you what’s being linked to the most on Twitter.
  20. GroupTweet– You can send message privately to any specific group of twitter friends with GroupTweet. Have discussion on any idea you want to share.!

There could be some good and essential tool that I might have not noticed to update here. In case you are using some of those, please let us know via your comment!