twitter-tool-wordpress Twitter is one of the fastest growing micro-blogging platform.Its no-doubt that WordPress dominates the blogging words.Here in this article i’ll let you know about the best and popular integrations of twitters and wordpress.This will also boosts the visitors outreach of your blog and is a common way to make your friends updated with what you writes.More over you can easily use these tools to desegregate twitter within your blogs.So you can  recharge your wordpress with a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows you to send and read other users update with in your blogs.The list of all the 25 illustrious ,notable and renowned twitter tools for wordpress are as follows :

  1. Twitter Tools – Publish on twitter or create blog posts from tweets.
  2. Twitter for WordPress Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog. You can easily call simple code 
    <?php twitter_messages("username"); ?>
  3. Twitpress – Submits a user definable tweet to your twitter account.
  4. TwitterCounter – Display the number of followers you have on Twitter.
  5. RSS to Twitter – Its a simple PHP script to feed RSS to Twitter.
  6. Twitter Badge – Display badges showing what you are posting on Twitter.
  7. AJAX Twitter – Update your Twitter status from your blog, view and display public updates on your blog.
  8. SimpleTwitter – Enables WordPress blog owners to easily add Twitter messages to their templates.
  9. Twitter This – Adds a simple “Twitter This” button to your blog posts,
  10. Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget – Lets you customize the number of tweets you want to see.
  11. Filtered Twitter – Twitter-oriented RSS parser for displaying feeds generated by
  12. – Simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.
  13. TwitterBuddy – Makes linking to Twitter/Pownce profile pages and Hash tags.
  14. Twitter Sharts – “Shart” your twitter status anywhere within your wordpress blog posts.
  15. Twitt-Twoo – It will allows you to update your Twitter status right from your blog sidebar.
  16. SimpleTwitter – Allows WordPress blog owners to add Twitter messages to their templates.
  17. TwitThis – An easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website.
  18. Twitterdoodle – It will allows you to create automated Twitter mashup posts based on keywords or keyword phrases.
  19. Twitter Blaster – It will allows your visitors to post to your Twitter account.
  20. SocialBoaster – Turns your Digg, Twitter and Delicious activities into a blog post.
  21. Follow Me – Adds a sidebar hub for your social networking profiles such as Digg, Twitter, YouTube, Mixx and more.
  22. Twitter Updater – (like @honeytech) Automatically update your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post.
  23. Autolink to Username – Auto links a twitter at username  in a post automatically.
  24. LifeStream – Brings your activities on social networks such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter on to your blog.
  25. Twitter Friends – It will allows you to display a list of the people that follow you on Twitter.