As a computer user, sometimes you find quite annoying to see some people type too fast as compared to others without looking into keyboard and you also dreamed of typing too fast and that too without looking into keyboard because this will indirectly help you to increase your productivity in no time.

When I started typing on computer, I have to look at the keys to type and now I never look keys and type faster as compared to others with good accuracy rate. If you believe me there are no secrets of typing too fast without looking at keyboard. In this post I’m sharing top 5 tools which help you to improve typing speed but before that I like to add, to type fast and with accuracy, all it need time and thumb rule to type fast is to start typing with looking at keyboard. Here are the tips to increase typing speed.

1. TypeRacer

TypeRacer – one of the best way to increase typing speed because it is an online typing game and while playing you can practice your typing speed and accuracy with other people in real-time. The goal is to type-in given text accurately and fast and get your car to finish point ahead of others.

2. Keybr

This tool does not only help them to improve typing speed but also offer you learn to type without looking into keyboard. This is one of the useful feature that is not available in other typing exercises. To get started with it, all you need to select the preferred keyboard layout.

3. Bruce Typing Wizard

This tool help you to learn keyboard layout and can be used by beginner or advanced level users. Depending on present level, you can start with typing lessons where you basically start placing your fingers on keyboard layout or with Typing Practice to gain some speed. One of the disadvantage of this, it works only on Windows machine.

4. TypeFaster

TypeFaster is a nice tool that comes with 20 dedicated lessons and one 3D game which help you to type faster and maintain accuracy rate.

5. TypingWeb

TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. One of the best advantage of this, it also offer 10 key certification certificates.
If we missed out any good tool, let us know via comments or tweets.