twitter bot TOP 50 Greatest Twitter Bot List, Follow Now aggregating most popular websites and generating news to the websites. And as well, people can follow their feed and getting all news from one place. It’s working automatically and giving real time news updates to the visitors. Techmeme ha @techmeme twitter accounts, when any updates visible in main page, another one posts automatically visible in twitter account. It’s working automatically too and you can says it’s technology news twitter bot. I have tried to make twitter bot which will give real time information based on technology topics — it’s working fine and procedure I disclosed in details. However, ton’s of Twitter BOT available on twitter networks, which giving different types of information to your accounts, just you have to follow the username such as “follow tech_tech”. List given below,

  1. Tech News
  2. Hotfreelance
  3. Gcal
  4. Mtm
  5. BreakingNewsOn
  6. Breakingtweets
  7. Twitter_Tips
  8. Evernote
  9. Googlemaps
  10. Google Newse
  11. wordpressdotcom
  12. Echoalert
  13. Heroespodcast
  14. Trackthis
  15. stackalert
  16. Myen
  17. MSNBC Breaking
  18. Timer
  19. WhoisBot
  20. WhoIsHosting
  22. cook4me
  23. Birdhive
  24. Liketribe
  25. Map on demand
  26. Twitter Do
  27. Forecast
  28. GasCalc
  29. I want Sandy
  30. IMDb
  31. JungleBot
  32. Okoli
  33. OMG3
  34. RUWTbot
  35. SpellCheck
  36. Stock
  37. StreamFlow
  38. Talk bot
  39. Timer
  40. Tipr
  41. TwitterSecret
  42. Twitter 411
  44. MakeChange
  45. BuyLater
  46. Techmeme
  47. LiveTwitting
  48. Twanslate – Twitter Translator
  49. Daylife News Bot
  50. TweetTrak
  51. mite via Twitter
  52. Remember The Milk
  53. VayuZillow
  54. VayuFedex

If you’re php or ruby on rails expert, you can easily make twitter bot by yourself and thanks to makeuseof, ajvaynerchuk, techmalaya, pbworks, rtipton — helped me to collect those twitter from different sources.