With over 70 Million users on Twitter, it is definitely the “buzz” word of the year. Yet there are people who do not know about tracking and analyzing their stats, influence and success on Twitter. Today there are many social media tracking and analytics tools available that can track your performance on social media sites like twitter. These tools are essentially tweet analyzing software that assists a company/individual with various kind of analysis including sentiment, behavioral and other analysis. Monitoring your tweeting habits and tweet content can helps you get maximum benefit and also will work well for overall improvement. But then if you do a google search for such tools, you will come across many in which some of them can be really annoying and time wasting. So, honeytechblog has compiled Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools that you would need it sometime or other.



TwitterCounter is a great twitter service that offers updated statistics of your followers, following, and daily tweets. You could further compare absolute growth of multiple twitter accounts or also compare them with your competitor’s expansion. Track, measure and redesign your strategy on twitter.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwitterCounter Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools




It is an interesting tool that helps to get all kind of statistic chart about you and your friends behavior at Twitter site. If you love using Google Analytics then this tool is sure to impress you. Some exciting features of Twitter Analyzer are – you can see how followers are online presently, who retweets your messages, what people are writing about you, Twitter following stats, your Tweeting habits and many more


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwitterAnalzer Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


3. Tweetstats


Tweetstats graph down your twitter stats including, tweets per hour, per month, tweet timeline, and reply statistics. Also show you TweetCloud and how many twooshes you have had.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetStats Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


4. Twitalyzer


Twitalyzer is a free tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on dozens of useful measures of success in social media. This powerful tool can help you measure influence, popularity, velocity and generosity of your twitter account.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwitalyzer Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


5. Twitturly


Twitturly tracks the URLs flying around the Twitterverse and provides a quick, real-time view of what people are talking about on Twitter. Each time someone tweets a URL to their followers on Twitter, Twitturly takes note of it and applies it as a vote for that URL. The more votes a URL has in the last 24 hours, the higher it ranks on Twitturly’s Top100. It’s that simple.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwitturly Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


6. Tweeps


What do they tweet about? How much do they tweet? How social are they? Do they use hashtags? Share URLs? Tweeps.info answers these questions and more. It analyses the content of Twitter users’ tweets to find interesting statistics about them. These statistics are updated several times a day, to keep the information fresh in the fast-moving world of Twitter. You can use Tweeps.info to help you decide who to follow, who you would like to be following you, or just to discover interesting information about Twitter users.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweeps Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


7. TwitterGrader


Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter profile. It looks at a variety of factors including the number of followers, power of those followers and the level to which you are engaging the community. It takes just a few seconds to generate your free report


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwittergrader Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


8. Twitscoop


Twitscoop is a real-time visualisation tool which enables users to “Mine the thought stream” provided by Twitter. The algorithm used cuts every English non-spam tweets into pieces (”tags”), and ranks them by how frequently they are used versus normal usage. The web application detects growing trends in real-time, identifies breaking news (earthquakes, plane crashes, political events, new tech products etc.) and monitors specific keywords along with custom graphs that display the activity for any given word on twitter. Twitscoop can essentially be described as your real-time web’s monitor.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwitscoop Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


9. Tweettronics


Tweettronics is a tool to analysis, discover, track and engage with Twitter conversations about your products, brands, and topics.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweettronics Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


10. Monitter


It’s a simple twitter monitor, that let you “monitter” the twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people are saying about.


%2F2009%2F12%2FMonitter Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


11. TweetBuzzer


Tweet Buzzer lets you see which brands get talked about most on Twitter. You can see and track the top tweeted brands in a 24 hour, 7-day, or 30-day period.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetBuzzer Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


12. spy


Spy is an easy-to-use tool that visualizes the conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blogs and other social networks. This can listen in on the social media conversations you’re interested in. What do you want to listen for? Great for watching Twitter on a big screen.


%2F2009%2F12%2FSpy Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


13. Retweetrank


Retweetrank lets you find rank of any twitter user. With the rank, latest retweets of the user are shown and an RSS feed can also be grabbed for the same. Monitoring retweets can provide a better understanding of audience to the originator while others can see the most interesting tweets of a user.


%2F2009%2F12%2FRetweetrank Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


14. Twittas


Find out when was your first tweet made, find out how fast you are tweeting, evaluate your twitter profile, evaluate your twitter profile, See how long you are on twitter and which celebrities arrived after you, find out with whom you’ve been interacting more and much more under one roof.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwittas Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


15. TwiBuzz


Twibuzz is a tool that let’s you see how often people are using Twitter to tweet your favorite keywords in real time. Try terms like swineflu, or compare two terms like google,apple. TwiBuzz will plot the current and historical tweet rate in tweets per minute (TPM) for your search term(s). TwiBuzz tracks a predefined list of terms, but you’ll find that it’s easy to add to that list. Once a term is added, TwiBuzz will have it’s first TPM data point for that query within a few minutes.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwibuzz Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


16. Peoplebrowsr


PeopleBrowsr analyzes 1407440 tweets mentioning Hollywood top stars and rates them as positive or negative.


%2F2009%2F12%2FPeoplebrowsr Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


17. Tweetwhatyouspend


Tweetwhatyouspend is a free tool that makes cash tracking easy! Get a grip on your spending! TWYS answers the question – “what happens to my cash between trips to the ATM?”


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetwhatyouspend Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


18. Twitterholic


Check out the top Twitter users and find out your Twitter stats on Twitterholic. You can locate stats from Top 100 to Top 1000.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwitterholic Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


19. Twitnest


Twitnest is a neatly designed tool that visualizes twitter’s social graph. You can discover who is following who. Auto-group, automated grouping of users in social graph. Zoom In/Out – mouse wheel Who knows whom? – click on a user to see who’s he/she following.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwistnest Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


20. Eventtrack


Eventtrack is tool for tracking people in the moment using Twitter as an interface but extending to multiple other services as well.


%2F2009%2F12%2FEventtrack Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


21. Socialtoo


SocialToo can help you be a social networking power user. Keep your follower lists in sync across networks, and learn more about your relationships. Send surveys to your followers and more!


%2F2009%2F12%2FSocialToo Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


22. Repeets


Repeets tracks the hottest Twitter retweets. You can view the most recent hot tweets, the top tweets over the last hour, day, week, and month.


%2F2009%2F12%2FRepeets Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


23. Tmtt


tmtt is a twitter application to calculate the time in which a message travels between people. Login with the Twitter account and pass the generated message in your tweets.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTmtt Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


24. Emotionstream


emotionstream is a data mining research project that searches for emotion patterns on twitter. The goal behind this project is to develop algorithms to find trends about what is making people happy, laugh or surprise in real time by using twitter data.


%2F2009%2F12%2FEmotionstream Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


25. Klout


Discover how influential you are on Twitter with Klout. See who influences your friends and measure the impact of your content. Klout uses semantic analysis to determine what a person talks about and then measures how influential they are on that topic.


%2F2009%2F12%2FKlout Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


26. Web2express


Web2express Digest uses open semantic and NLP tools to analyze millions of twitter conversations and blogs as they come online each day. It auto-discovers trending topics from fresh web contents and thus allow people to view new web conversations around topics. The same real time web analysis platform enables marketers to efficiently monitor products, brands, companies or competitions in real time.


%2F2009%2F12%2FWeb2express Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


27. SuiteSpot


Takes live data feeds from Twitter, Flickr, blogs and SMS messages then ‘repurposes’ all of this into an exploratory scene which grows and reacts to the constant stream of incoming content. People can then view this content on either: the SUITE SPOT website, a digital display or a gestural interface in the main foyer.


%2F2009%2F12%2FSuiteSpot Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


28. Flackr


Flackr is a realtime news tracker dashboard that carries Twitter news sources, twitpic images and comments. Flackr tracks many different news sources on twitter. Instead of having to follow them all, you just follow Flackr, and we’ll filter out the hot news for you so you can concentrate on what’s important.


%2F2009%2F12%2FFlackr Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


29. Xefer


Xefer is great tool that analyses your Twitter and at present data of your tweet volume, concentration in addition to their quality, which is measured by replies.


%2F2009%2F12%2FXefer Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


30. Xpenser


Track time and expenses via Twitter (or email, SMS, IM, call and say your expenses, use the FireFox Plugin, etc). Tag, search, import, export, track mileage, convert currencies, etc. No more forgetting your cash expenses, no more half-day expense entry sessions.


%2F2009%2F12%2FXpenser Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


31. Writersdb


Submission tracking app for writers, features Twitter integration. Let your followers know when you’ve sent out a new story (or batch of poems) for publication. The Writer’s Database will keep track of all the markets for your writing, and the status of all the manuscripts you’ve sent out to each market.


%2F2009%2F12%2FWritersdb Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


32. Cheaptweet


CheapTweet scans Twitter for the best deals, coupons and sales that people are tweeting about. CheapTweet lets users rate deals by saying It’s Cheap (it’s a good deal) or It’s Lame (it’s not a good deal). Deals move to the Cheapest Tweets section if they get enough votes. Spammy behaviors like duplicate tweets are penalized.


%2F2009%2F12%2FCheapTweet Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


33. Twick


Twick’in allows you to cloak, track and share your affiliate links on Twitter.com


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwick Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


34. ObjectiveMarketer


Social Media Channels provide an unprecedented way to manage relationships with your customers and prospects. It is one of the first, enterprise grade end-to-end campaign management, analytics and community engagement solution. You will find most of the features of any content authoring and publishing tool like Posting, URL Shortening, tracking, scheduling, multi account management. Also it is the only available application that provides Camapign Management across Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.


%2F2009%2F12%2FObjectivemarketer Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


35. Retweetradar


Retweetradar finds out trends in the mountains of information ‘retweet’ed on Twitter.


%2F2009%2F12%2FRetweetradar Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


36. Gracts


Gracts.com is an eco-social experiment. The idea is to get Twitter users to Tweet about their environmentally friendly activities and to encourage their Twitter followers to do the same. Twitter makes use of something called hashtags to group related Tweets together.


%2F2009%2F12%2FGracts Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


37. Archivist


The Archivist – If you have used Twitter search before, you may notice that you can only go back a certain amount of time and/or number of tweets for a given search. The Archivist is a Windows application that runs on your local system and allows you to archive tweets for later data-mining and analysis for a given search.


%2F2009%2F12%2FThearchivist Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


38. TwitterTopTwenty


This is a top 20 list of everything on twitter including stats, users, and trends.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwittertoptwenty Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


39. TweetEffect


Find out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you. They list all the Twitter updates that had an effect on your follower numbers. Updates that made people leave are displayed in red, others in black.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetEffect Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


40. Twitterfriends


With TwitterFriends you can find out the hidden network of Twitter contacts that are really relevant for you. Visualize the network of your relevant contacts and their contacts. See who of your Twitter friends are online this very moment. Read some stats about your Twitter account


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwitterFriends Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


41. Tweetag


Tweetag display the most discussed topics in the last 24h in general, or the most talked topics related to a given topic. You can also get a free email alert whenever a keyword appears in Twitter Lists of your choice.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetag Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


42. Twitteryam


Twitteryam is a service that lets twitters know how much their twitters are worth.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTwitteryam Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


43. Tweet-Rank


With Tweet-Rank you have a chance to learn about the quality of your tweets by knowing which ones won or lost followers.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweet Rank Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


44. MicroPlaza


MicroPlaza looks at your Twitter network and displays all the links shared by the people you follow with associated tweets. We call these tiles. The tool only looks at public timelines and tweets, not direct messages or protected accounts.


%2F2009%2F12%2FMicroPlaza Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


45. Tweetply


Tweetply tracks down popular tweets that with a lot of replies.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetply Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


46. Iate


Automatically tracks tweets about restaurants. Find out what twitter users are saying about restaurants near you. What are they eating? What local restaurants are popular? Share what you ate.


%2F2009%2F12%2FiAte Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


47. Quickrate.thummit


This tool offers sentiments analysis, based on conversations on Twitter. This web application identifies latest buzzwords, actors, movies, brands, products, etc. (called ‘topics’) and combines them with conversations from Twitter. It does sentiment analysis to determine whether each Twitter update is Thumms up (positive), neutral or Thumms down (negative).


%2F2009%2F12%2FQuickrate Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


48. TweetPsych


TweetPsych uses two linguistic analysis algorithms (RID and LIWC) to build a psychological profile of a person based on the content of their tweets. The service analyzes your last 1000 tweets and works best on users who have posted more than 1000 updates. It also works best on accounts that are operated by a single user and use Twitter in a conversational manner, rather than simply a content distribution platform.


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetPsych Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


49. Tweetburner


It helps you track down the links you share on Twitter


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetburner Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


50. Tweetwasters


Check how much time you spend of Twitter


%2F2009%2F12%2FTweetwasters Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools


These are the best twitter tracking and analytical tool we came across, and if you have any more interesting and useful tools to share, then we would love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Twitter!