Thursday, Twitter API Wiki which published a “Sign in with twitter” features — which is actually opening a great ways of integration with third parties websites. In before we have seen Google has “Friend Connect“, Facebook has “Facebook Connect” which is still working in different websites. Without signing to others networks, you can use to sign-in actions to other websites by using Facebook Connect and even without giving any confidential information to third party. Just twitter doing that same things and anyone can integrate that features to their websites.

Millions of user already using Facebook Connect and now Twitter Connect and if you enable this features — the same thing will happen for you. You don’t need to signup nor signin with different identity. You can use your twitter account’s identity and enjoy the full features and website’s surfing opportunity.

Twitter touts its integration of OAuth, the open standard for secure authentication, but most end users don’t care about that. What they would care about though is having the ability to sign in to a service with their Twitter names and interact with the micro-messaging platform to say, easily tweet out whatever it is you are doing. If you’re reading an article, you could tweet out the article with one click without leaving the page. If you’re playing a game, you could tweet that out from within the game – Mg Siegler says.

Facebook Connect mainly leveraging with different platforms by making this connections and though they are not affiliated with third parties. Hamer Lahav who have informed that Sign in with Twitter — “it is open done right” and Twitpic already integrated this features to their websites and he explains ” Twitter applications such as TwitPic use Twitter’s API as a delegated authentication provider. The way this works is that they ask users for their Twitter username and password, and then use these credentials to make an authenticated API call. If the call is successful, they know the user is really who they claim to be and let them use the service . Marshall Kirkpatrick who named calling card and as well myspace on the battle, Google’s friend connect too and right now twitter also landing on the social connecting battle and we know twitter archived double unique visitors which was around 93 millions in march, so it’s moving so faster for better connections.