Its a viral video by supernews where they try to drag the tweeps into reality.Now a days we are so much indulge in the twitter world just for the sake of answering a simple question “what we are doing?”. It force us to aside of our daily work?.Recently zdnet reveals in a article that Google Head Calls Twitter “Poor Man’s E-mail System”.It is very ironical to note that after the incident google starts its own twitter account and says .

Twitter’s success is wonderful, and I think it shows you that there are many, many new ways to reach and communicate, especially if you are willing to do so publicly.

This is a quite real video which reveals the feel of a newbies when he encounter with the twitter.Ultimately he says to all the tweeps (tweeter people)

Actually you have no friends, its just a waste of time.

twitter-problem1 Twitter is a waste of the time if you are not making anything out of it.I just remember the Darren Rowse words that

My response is simple – yes it is.

Twitter is a waste of time…. unless you use it in a way that isn’t.

  • Twitter can be a waste of time just like blogging can be a waste of time.
  • Twitter can be a waste of time just like going to conferences and talking to people face to face can be a waste of time.
  • Twitter can be a waste of time just like other micro-blogging/life streaming/social messaging tools like Plurk and FriendFeed.
  • Twitter can be a waste of time just like talking on the phone can be a waste of time.

Conclusion: I don’t think it is the waste of time unless and until you mean what you are doing.It is my source of tracking the buzz,getting hot news and most important i don’t read newspaper instead i would like to read rss and tweeter timeline.Secondly twitter is my another way of getting traffic and few of my post like “ Top 250 list of twitter clones sites” drags more than 10 thousands of pages views for me.So i’m openly asking you a question is it a problem? or is the way you feel it like a problem?