Twitter which giving real time search engine experiences — when you’re searching any keywords it being taking the information from most recent twittered contents. It can be less then 20 seconds to 30 seconds. As well Twitter search engine has advanced features which will more options, specifications, better results, user based, place selections, words or keywords, attitudes, time and date and so on. On basis of your all inputs you can get desired information from twitter and it’s not automated — it’s from someone from somewhere else which has posted on twitter. And twitter which is fully user based and results also grabbing information from the users.

Lots of sounds comes out. “Many think Twitter’s real-time search of its 140-character ‘tweets’ posted by users on the service will become the next great battlefield in search,” — says Kara Swisher of AllThingsD. All we know which company actually controlling the search engine market. And Caroline says, “Google currently dominates the general search market, with third-place Microsoft struggling to get more share.” — In this situations what’s going on?

I have tired to search iPhone which is messed up totally. The main problem is, it’s showing the results on time basis or time based. Why they also not concentrating in data or contents whatever it may late but relevant. Google is famous just to showing up relevant results on basis of keywords and why twitter not — though twitter is growing and growing company.

“What we need is for Twitter Search to also take relevance into account when displaying results. What is relevance? Timeliness is a part of it–a big part. But let the sort order be influenced by some other data and you might get something incredible”  — says by Caroline. I totally agree with it and I said it above.