In my previous post about Running Ubuntu Linux in Windows XP using VMware we have to use external applications but in the latest version of ubuntu you can install inside windows and this features with the default CD’s of Ubuntu ( latest version ). Ubuntu 8.10 comes with Mobility – Get Free CD’s and Downloads and follow this process:

1.Burn the Live CD and you insert it in you ROM DRIVE

You can use ImgBurn to burn your Ubutu iso

2.The Auto Run will bring the below screen which ask for

  • Demo and Full installation
  • Install inside Windows
  • Learn More


3.After clicking Install inside Windows you will get a simple screen and easily install your Ubuntu within the windows


Note: If you haven’t yet downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu then have your download from here.You can also pre order the free copy’s of the CD’s but it will takes 2-3 weeks so rather you can easily download it.If you already installed the Ubuntu then its easy to upgrade it.