Android FROYO 2.2 update is available for Samsung Galaxy S and it is officially confirmed by Samsung mobile India.  We have already published a post on how to update Samsung Galaxy S firmware and with the help of this post we will guide a step by step process involved in upgrading the OS of Galaxy S.

Note: As the OS can be upgraded through Samsung KIES, make sure you are connected to internet while upgrading the OS.

Step 1: Connect the Galaxy S to the PC

Step 2: Click on the upgrade option

Step 3: Take the backup of the contacts which are on the phone

Step 4: After taking the backup, this window will pop up, click on ok

Step 5: Click on upgrade, to upgrade the OS to froyo 2.2

Step 6: Click on the check box, and click on NEXT

Step 7: Select Allow saving and click on NEXT

Step 8: It will start downloading the firmware to the PC

Step 9: It will start upgrading the firmware to the phone, do not remove the phone while it is upgrading the OS

Step 10: After the upgradation it will show you this message, once you see the message your phone is upgraded to the latest version (Android Froyo 2.2)